Your profile on Markdown

Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax that is designed to keep formatting readable, but provide hints to convert to common HTML markup elements when published online. Personally, most of my own (longer) notes I write to myself are in Markdown - because the structure it shows, even without converting, makes it easy to read. I suspect, I’m not the only developer to do that either. Markdown was created with the goal of writing content for the web, easier, avoiding having to open and close tags around blocks of text for the most common of text alterations There are several ‘flavours’ of Markdown, which mostly differ if the more advanced extensions. »

Twitter blitz - what developers hate about recruiters, interviews, employers and jobs

Earlier today, I posted a long list of things that I, (and I very much suspect, other developers) hate - about recruiters, interviews, employers and jobs. There was over 50 that I came up with in the course of a couple of hours, with some help from members of the TechLondon Slack community. From that conversation, there was also a spin-off about dumb sh*t recruiters say! It’s a long list, and so I’ll not be able to quickly get to everything and add additional comments, but I’ll do what I can, as I can. »

dev4rec #2 - Apache Httpd, and Foundation

The Apache webserver has been the most popular software used to serve websites, almost since its inception. Only once, recently was it knocked off the #1 spot, and that was only temporarily, when a very small number of mass-hosts used reportedly used Microsoft’s IIS webserver. That didn’t last long though, and so Apache HTTPD is now still serving over half of active sites after 20+ years of service.


dev4rec #1 - The LAMP stack

Welcome to the first of an on-going series. I’ll be walking through the whole gamut of technologies that developers in London, the UK, and around the world are using. It’s a fast-moving collection of languages, tools and techniques that are hard enough to keep up up for highly technical developers and geeks, so it’s not surprising that other people have trouble keeping up.