What is Contract Availability?

Not quite the first post in the new blog, but I did want to have something that went into more details about just what this site is about, and some thoughts as to why I’m building it.

First and foremost, it’s about scratching a personal itch. Sometimes I’ve gotten a dozen phone calls a week asking if I was available! When I am working, they are redundant to me. What makes it worse was my boss is probably looking at me and wondering why I’m talking to a recruiter at the time.

So, if I can connect to recruiters that I trust to give me good leads and have them know when I’m looking - and as importantly not looking, then I reduce the number of calls when I’m already happy in a role.

On the other hand - when I am looking for a new job, I want to be contacted as soon as you have something suitable (though, personally, I do still prefer that happens by email).

Contract Availability is designed to plug that gap, of knowing exactly when someone is available, so that recruiters can have easy access to those that are looking right now - and not having to spend valuable time and effort contacting those that just aren’t looking. Being able to see when people are available, and when they last updated their profile, as well as their key skills is incredibly valuable for me to share, and recruiters to be able to find out quickly.

What does a developer do?

The developers you place are writing Javascript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, and so more. What’s the difference, and how do you find the good ones?

You don't need to become a developer to find great developers - but knowing more about what the really good developers your clients are seeking, helps you to find the candidates - developers, designers, hackers, ops, and everyone else that make the 21st century work online.

These emails won't teach you to be a developer, but you'll get a hint of the day to day work of those you are looking for.

I’ve sometime gotten a dozen phone calls in a week asking if I was available, indeed any developer that knows their stuff will be in a similar situation. CA was designed to help the recruiters - and contractors - avoid those wasted phone calls and allowing the recruiters to find they people they needed as fast as possible, as soon as the contractor knows they are going to be available.

For Contractors, they can prime the pump with contacts - but know that the flood won’t start till the tap is turned on.

For Recruiters you can search for skills among people you’ve already worked with, or talked to before - and find out who is looking, who wants you to talk to them right now. No need to spend valuable time just calling to see if they are going to be free - you’ll already know that they are looking, so you can contact them first to tell them about your hottest new roles, without wasting any time, or worse- risking that someone else finds them when you don’t yet know that the contractor is even available.

Header image by jazbeck via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)